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THE EXTENSIONIST has forever been know for our unmatched hair quality.
Now, you will too!
All ELEVATE! members will have access to an array of premium human hair pre-tipping, colours & lengths, to better suit you & your clients needs. There's no MOQ, and all hair orders can generally be received within 7 days of ordering. Choose from machine wefts, hand-tied wefts, and the new & fabulous skinny/genius wefts! For our hair loss replacement specialists, we have premium lace front human hair toppers that can interchanged into many different install types for unbeatable versatility for you & your clients. 
Interested in viewing our pricing guide? Just inquire once you've filled out your registration and we would be happy to send you our pricing guide! ✨


Machine Wefts

Our single-donor, premium human hair machine wefts provide amazing longevity, (up to 14 months wear time), with minimal shedding. Available in all usual extension tones, as well as lengths ranging from 14'' to 24''. 100 gram packages.

Hand Tied Wefts

Our hand tied wefts come in all major extension tones, and lengths ranging from 14'' - 22''.
3 pieces per pack. Each piece one foot wide. 

Skinny Wefts

The new skinny/genius weft is incredibly thin, flat and light, making it the most invisible weft on the market today. It's only 0.78mm thick and 1.71mm tall.

The main advantages to the skinny/genius weft VS. the hand-tied weft, is this weft can be cut for unlimited customization.


If you have graduated our hair loss replacement program, you will be able to purchase high quality human hair toppers that are 6x8'' base diameter, ranging from 12'' length, to 22'' length, and come in all major extension tones.

*You will have the ability to join ELEVATE! once you have completed either the VOGUEPEARL Extension Program, or the VOGUEPEARL Hair Replacement program. 


If you are a VOGUEPEARL certificate holder and have additional questions about ELEVATE!, please email us:


Becoming an ELEVATE! member means more than just access to premium quality hair- it's about community!

Our goal is to provide you with support as you conquer your goals of being the top VOGUEPEARL artist or hair replacement specialist in your region. No matter where you live, you'll get real-time answers to your questions, tips tricks & networking opportunities with fellow peers, and amazing ongoing support to grow your business substantially!

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