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late 2023

Do you wish you could help people suffering from global hair loss, OR be able to provide your clients with a completely new colour, length, density & style that they can wear at their own leisure, when they feel like switching up their style?!

Custom made, high quality, 100% human donor wigs are hard to come by, and most clients would prefer a custom-made experience within their own city as opposed to ordering online!

Add to your roster of unique, specialized services in a meaningful and exciting way, by learning to make full lace-front wigs!

This program will teach you how to:


  • Conduct proper consultations including measurements
  • Sourcing materials required to create custom lace-front wigs
  • How to bleach knots & colouring tips & tricks
  • How to sew a custom made lace-front wig
  • Fitting procedure
  • Back end business hacks

Hair Pins_edited.jpg

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