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extension technique

Why choose Voguepearl?

VOGUEPEARL has been tried, proven, and preferred by endless happy clients & artists, for over a decade. Fast, simple, versatile & easy to maintain, VOGUEPEARL can help maximize your time and profits like no other technique on the market.


Fast Install Time

VOGUEPEARL provides the fastest installation times on the market, with each row installing in 15 minutes or less! Maximize your time and profits whilst minimizing lengthy visits for your clients!


No Damage!

Proven over the last decade of successful wear, VOGUEPEARL strategically provides proper weight distribution so your clients can wear extensions for YEARS without breaks, and experience amazing hair growth!

VOGUEPEARL lies completely flat along the weft of your choosing. It does not create excess bulk or discomfort for your client!


No glues, braids or thread!

VOGUEPEARL keeps things simple. So simple, in fact, that we have eliminated all adhesives, braids, and thread. This allows for a clean, fast, easy to manage install.


Seamlessness & Comfort


7 Month Wear Duration

What other technique do you know that stays in your clients head for 7 months?! With simplistic monthly maintenance, VP goes the distance for your clients whilst providing amazing upselling capabilities for you as an artist.


Versatility Above All Else

Wether you're using machine tied wefts, hand tied wefts, or genius wefts- VOGUEPEARL is a versatile technique that can be applied to any weft type. It is also safe to apply colour on!

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✔️Intro to VOGUEPEARL, including: benefits, who the technique is designed for. When to use VP compared to other techniques in your roster, and when to use carrying weft types based on your clients requirements.

✔️The Extensionist Steps of Service Checklist™️

1. Consultation / Order Procedure (Step-by-step success to booking every client, virtual consultation tips, colour matching, density matching, pricing, deposits, contracts)

2. Hair Preparation Procedure (Presentation, proper U or V shape sectioning, measuring)

3. Installation Procedure (Step by step installation guide, rows per gram allowance, face framing, weight distribution care, tips & tricks)

4. Maintenance/Touch-up procedure (Training your clients for success, Hairbible™️ maintenance requirements for VP, monthly tightening procedure, red flags and how to manage them, upselling to maximize profits)

5. Removal Procedure



✔️Visual VS technical & blending hacks

✔️Re-installation time!

✔️Hairbible maintenance requirements for VP 



✔️ Root Melting 101

✔️Custom Clipin Creation 101

✔️Extension Business 101


  • HairBible (maintenance guide) print-outs for your clients

  • Iron clad salon contracts for hair addition services

  • Consultation cards (client take home)

  • Order forms (used in salon to track orders)

  • Marketing Material for socials & web

Weft Root Melting 101

Custom Clip Ins 101

Extension Business 101

Includes: pricing guides, payment structure, payment plans, PDF HairBible/maintenance guides, marketing material and hacks to growing a successful extension sector in your salon)


Bonus content!


What's Included with my training? 


In addition to the online course access, upon completion of course payment you will receive an all inclusive training kit with the following inclusions:

  • Extensionist Professional all-in-one styling case

  • Black alligator clips x 4

  • Black fine-hair clips x4

  • Black metal adjustable bead feeder x 2

  • Rat Tail Comb x 1

  • Weft Cutting Shears x1

  • Silicone-lined Micro Bead Jar, filled x2

  • Velcro fine-hair setter x4

  • 50 grams of training hair in wefted pre-tipping

*Please note we do not supply mannequin heads as part of our program. As trained professionals we assume you have access to mannequin heads, and human heads, for practise purposes. Additionally, we require grading to be completed on a human head for best training & grading results.

Your purchase of the VOGUEPEARL online program also includes our personally curated, corporate lawyer approved SALON BUSINESS BUNDLE, which is fully customizable in Canva, and contains:

  • 13 page After Care Maintenance Guide for your clients, fully customizable in Canva

  • Company packages inclusions guide & pricing outline for consultations, helps to provide a visual aid of your packages or services inclusions as well as pricing visual aids

  • Iron clad, corporate lawyer approved salon contracts for hair addition services, including bleaching service waivers, photo & video consent forms, Hair Extension service contracts, and a thorough Terms & Conditions agreement

  • Consultation Cards (client take home, summarizes length, density, colour match, appointment date, quote & salon notes)

  • Order forms (used in salon to track salon hair orders)

  • 35 fully customizable Instagram posts in light and dark aesthetic, with trending 2024 captions, pertaining to hair extension services

  • 7 fully customizable and animated email newsletter templates to create a stunning presentation of your business to your email subscribers

  • 5 customizable email signatures