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  • What are the requirements to enrol?
    Our programs are available to trained professionals, which includes licensed stylists, registered apprentices, or beauty school graduates. You will be asked to show proof during the registration process.
  • What countries can enrol in these online programs?
    Any trained professional from any country can enrol. All of our training is delivered in english, so you will need to understand spoken & written english for best results.
  • What is included in my program?
    Each program includes: 1. Online course delivery of chosen program, which includes: ✔️Intro to VOGUEPEARL, including: benefits, who the technique is designed for. When to use VP compared to other techniques in your roster, and when to use carrying weft types based on your clients requirements. ✔️The Extensionist Steps of Service Checklist™️ 1. Consultation / Order Procedure (Step-by-step success to booking every client, virtual consultation tips, colour matching, density matching, pricing, deposits, contracts) 2. Hair Preparation Procedure (Presentation, proper U or V shape sectioning, measuring) 3. Installation Procedure (Step by step installation guide, rows per gram allowance, face framing, weight distribution care, tips & tricks) 4. Maintenance Procedure (Training your clients for success, Hairbible™️ maintenance requirements for VP, monthly tightening procedure, red flags and how to manage them, upselling to maximize profits) 5. Removal Procedure ✔️Blending ✔️Visual VS technical & blending hacks ✔️Re-installation time! ✔️Hairbible maintenance requirements for VP PDF/FILE INCLUSIONS HairBible (maintenance guide) print-outs for your clients Iron clad salon contracts for hair addition services Consultation cards (client take home) Order forms (used in salon to track orders) Marketing Material for socials & web 2. BONUS CONTENT ✔️ Root Melting 101 ✔️Custom Clipin Creation 101 ✔️Extension Business 101 3. KIT INCLUSIONS Extensionist Professional all-in-one styling case Black alligator clips x 4 Black fine-hair clips x4 Black metal adjustable bead feeder x 2 Rat Tail Comb x 1 Weft Cutting Shears x1 Silicone-lined Micro Bead Jar, filled x2 Velcro fine-hair setter x4 50 grams of training hair in wefted pre-tipping OR 1 6x6 training topper OR both, depending on the program you take. *Please note we do not supply mannequin heads as part of our program. As trained professionals we assume you have access to mannequin heads, and human heads, for practise purposes. Additionally, we require grading to be completed on a human head for best training & grading results. Upon completion, you will also receive an embossed certification in the mail. We send out all certifications in batches the first week of a new month. IE: You graduate on April 22nd, so your certificate will be shipped out the first week of May.
  • I have filled out the registration. When will I hear back?
    You should receive a response to your application within 24 business hours.
  • I have been accepted. Now what?
    Once we approve your application, we will add you as a site member. You will receive an email to create a secure password for your members area. Once you've gained access to the members area, you will be able to see "MY PROGRAMS" on the left hand menu inside the members area. Chose the program you wish to enrol in. You will be able to use the checkout for your chosen program. Once the payment is complete, you will automatically have access to your program in the "MY PROGRAMS" section of your members area. Your kit will be shipped within 24 hours of completed payment, and you can expect to receive your kit within 7 business days in north America. It could take up to 2 weeks overseas.
  • How long do I have to complete these online programs?
    Each program has an automatic expiry date, and our expectation is that you will have completed the online learning portion within these time frames. If you need more time to submit your work for grading, please email us to communicate that with us. VOGUEPEARL PRO: 60 Days / 2 Months VOGUEPEARL HAIR LOSS PRO: 90 Days / 3 Months VOGUEPEARL COMBINED PROGRAMS: 120 Days / 4 Months Please note: If the entire duration of your program goes by without communication with your mentor, your access to the videos will be revoked and you will need to reach out to your mentor to reinstate your enrolment. There will be a re-enrolment fee of $300 to begin the program again.
  • Can I do in-person training?
    Yes! Once you complete your online certification, you and your salon can attend a LIVE MODEL DAY at your salon. We require a minimum of 3 students, and each student attending live model day must have taken the same online program to qualify. Check out our LIVE MODEL DAY webpage for more details!
  • Is there a refund policy for your programs?
    There are no refunds for any certification program at Extensionist Professional. Once the User Agreement is signed and you’ve gained access into the education, no refunds will be issued.
  • How is your training programs unique?
    We don’t believe our method(s) can be taught or learned in a day. For this reason, we created our education videos for you to watch as many times as you’d like from anywhere in the world. We start off on the right track by pairing you with a mentor who will be there to help you every step of the way. From start to finish, you’ll get all the support you need.
  • I have finished the online program. Now what?
    Once you complete the program you will automatically receive a digital badge associated with your member account so that others in the community can see which programs you have completed. Once you have finished the program and would like to join our ELEVATE! membership, you can head to your members area and click on "my subscriptions". In there, you can click to view the membership page, and sign up for the membership! Once you have paid for the subscription, your members area will automatically have access to the support forums & the "SHOP WEFTS & TOPPERS" membership pages! You can immediately begin ordering hair and joining the community chat! Upon completion, you will also receive an embossed certification in the mail. We send out all certifications in batches the first week of a new month. IE: You graduate on April 22nd, so your certificate will be shipped out the first week of May.
  • How do you offer payment plans?
    Our payment plans are facilitated through Flexiti Financial. If you chose to join via a payment plan, we will send you an application via Flexiti and you will be prompted to go through the application process. Flexiti does check your credit score, and based on your credit you will either be approved, or denied. Extensionist Professional does not have access to any of your personal information at any time. Once approved, Flexiti sends us the payment as a whole, and the payments will come out of your bank account directly on your chosen repayment terms.
  • Do the payment plans charge interest?
    Since we are using a third party for our payment plans, we have no control over whether you will, or will not be charged interest on your "loan" through Flexiti. Interest may be present and it is our understanding that this is based on your credit score and repayment term. Interest can be anywhere from 0% - 19.9%
  • What if I am denied but I want to pay in instalments?
    If you are denied through Flexiti Financial, then you will need to make a payment in full via secured credit card, Email Money Transfer (Canada), Paypal, or Apple Pay. We do not offer deposit or instalment payments outside of Flexiti.
  • What is used to apply VP?
    VOGUEPEARL uses either wefts, or toppers (depending on if you are creating fullness at the TOP of the head, or under the crown). You can use ANY weft type to install VOGUEPEARL, including machine tied, hand tied & genius/skinny wefts! Additionally, the installation uses silicone-line micro beads. That's it! No braids, no thread, no adhesives!
  • What is the maintenance required for VOGUEPEARL?
    VOGUEPEARL stays in the head for an astonishing 7 months at one time! Generally speaking, clients will be able to wear 2 VOGUEPEARL installations from the same investment in hair! The technique lasts so long because of our strict maintenance guidelines to protect the hairs integrity, and ensure the client doesn't experience tangling/matting near the scalp during the duration. Touch ups/maintenance will be performed once every 4-5 weeks. This is perfect for you as a stylist because it ensures your client is returning to your chair on a regular basis. Not only is maintenance a paid service, but it adds amazing opportunities for upselling colours, additional products etc while your client is in the chair.
  • Is there a number or easy way to contact someone if I am having issues?
    Absolutely! Your members area has access to forums if you would like to ask a general question that your peers, and also mentors can answer. This is a great avenue to use if you do not require immediate attention. If you require to speak to someone immediately, you can call our dedicated support line at 1 604 332 5559. Our phone lines are open Mon - Fri 10-6 PST. You can leave a voicemail and we will call you back if we do not answer. However, as we are all wearing many hats at our academy, and within our chain of hair salons at THE EXTENSIONIST, you might find the fastest response by emailing us:
  • I am a client of a VOGUEPEARL certificate holder and am having issues
    Unfortunately we have no control over how another person is running their business. Please contact your stylist directly as we do not trouble shoot issues directly with clients.
  • I have a concern that someone is doing VOGUEPEARL but wasn't technically trained
    If you have questions or concerns about the validity of your stylist's completion of training, we would love to hear from you! The first step is to inquire with your stylist about viewing their certification. If that doesn't work, send us an email with all of the stylists contact information and we will check our records.
  • Who can join ELEVATE?
    Our ELEVATE! membership is available to anyone who holds a certification in VOGUEPEARL extension or hair replacement techniques.
  • Does ELEVATE cost money to join?
    Our membership is 10.99 Canadian per month.
  • What is included with the ELEVATE membership?
    Your ELEVATE membership gives you access to: 1. Premium human hair wefts & toppers, including machine tied wefts, hand tied wefts, and flat/skinny/genius weft pre-tipping. If you have graduated the hair replacement program, you will also be able to order hair toppers from us! All of our hair comes in all usual extension tones, lengths ranging from 14'' - 24'', and packages ranging from 65g - 100g packages. 2. Access to peer support via our community forum, available in your members area once you have an active ELEVATE subscription 3. Exclusive discount codes to take additional training programs we launch, and also discounts on Salon training for your whole team! 4. You receive a coveted spot for advertising on our stylist locator map. 5. Ongoing access to our continued education portal, where everything from tricks and hacks, to personalized videos troubleshooting your guests are available to you
  • I signed up for ELEVATE and paid for a membership before I received my certification. Can I get a refund?
    No. No refunds are given on our ELEVATE subscriptions. We have listed on our website in many areas that ELEVATE membership is only available to certification holders. Thus, if you preemptively purchase to gain access, we will not issue any refunds, nor will we ship out any products for you until you have finished your program and received your certification.
  • Can I cancel or re-instate my ELEVATE membership?
    Yes, you can cancel at any time (no refunds available) easily by going to "MY SUBSCRIPTIONS" section of your members portal. You can also re-instate your membership at any time using the same channel.
  • I need to change the card or method of payment on file. How?
    You can easily update/change your billing information on your membership profile by going to "BILLING" in your membership area.
  • What countries do you ship to?
    Currently we ship to: Canada USA Mexico
  • What are the shipping fee's per order?
    We charge a flat rate shipping fee in both Canada and Internationally based on spend: CANADA Express shipping under 450.00 is 30.00 and 40.00 above 450.00 order Orders should arrive from 2-5 business days USA/INTERNATIONAL express shipping under 450.00 is 40.00 and 50.00 above 450.00 order Orders should arrive within 7 business days. FREE shipping when placing orders over 1000.00
  • Something is wrong with my order
    If you were shipped the wrong order or a faulty item, please notify us immediately at with the order number and faulty or incorrect item. We will send you the correct item upon receipt of proof that you have sent back the wrong or faulty item.
  • What if I don't receive my item(s) within your provided time frame?
    Unfortunately, we cannot control any delays caused by the shipping company, as they are an outside party separate to our business. You will receive a tracking number as proof that we sent your package within the allotted time frame. Please contact if it has been over 10 days and you have still not received your item.
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