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As a hairstylist and/or extensionist, our calling is to create stunning hair transformations that leave clients feeling radiant and confident. But in today's ever-evolving world, our talents must extend far beyond our styling tools. We are called upon to be not just masters of hair, but also skilled videographers, social media gurus, marketing experts, and savvy entrepreneurs. Embracing these roles empowers us to elevate our craft and impact even more lives.

Curating a powerful and cohesive brand, while managing the myriad details of your business, can be a challenging journey. But fear not, for I have traveled this path before you. With over 12 years of experience as a stylist, extensionist, trichologist, and CEO of a chain of hair extension-focused salons across Canada, I have harnessed the power of digital creations to refine our aesthetic, showcase our professionalism, protect our brand, and outshine the competition.

The fruits of my years of dedication and hard work are now yours to harvest. From legally vetted documents to visually captivating social posts, from comprehensive consultation and maintenance care guides for your clients, to a robust business infrastructure – all these elements work in harmony to present your clients with an informed, professional, and inspiring vision of your brand, your offerings, and your company values.

I am thrilled to share these resources with the world, customizable to your unique brand through Canva. Keep in mind that when you invest in an online course through Extensionist Professional, all of these invaluable documents will be included! Explore each bundle in depth by clicking on the image.

Let's embark on this extraordinary journey together. -Megan Ledarney, your hair bestie!

Digital Templates

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