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hair loss replacement



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Did you know? Hair loss effects an astonishing 50% of all humans at some point in their life. As a stylist, it's almost guaranteed that you've encountered clients (who you surely ADORE) who are actively experiencing hair loss.


Anyone come to mind?

Wouldn't it be so fulfilling to be able to quite literally give them their hair back, in under 2 hours?!

The Extensionist has been providing hair loss replacement services for nearly a decade, and we have experienced first hand, how time and time again, hair replacement services are the most rewarding niche service that a stylist can offer! 

Imagine: you leave the salon after a long day, and instead of feeling DRAINED, you feel inspired, uplifted, and like you have literally changed someone's life- gave them back their confidence!

These clients will be your loyal hair besties for life. They consider you their hair doctor, and they will never cheat on you! Client retention in the hair replacement sector is second to none.

Are you ready to add the most important service to your already AMAZING roster of services? If so, read on!


Why learn Voguepearl
hair loss replacement?


Life Changing Results

Make a real difference in your clients lives by having the ability to give them their confidence back. Many clients with hair loss feel so defeated, having tried almost everything. 


No Damage!


Fast Install Time

A full VOGUEPEARL hair loss replacement system can be installed in under 1 hour.

Yep, you read that right!

It will even stay on your clients head for 4 months!


Client Retention


4 Month Wear Duration

What other hair replacement technique do you know that stays in your clients head for 4 months?! With simplistic monthly maintenance, VP goes the distance for your clients whilst providing amazing upselling capabilities for you as an artist.



Our installation techniques do not use ANY adhesives, glues, solvents, tight braids, or thread! Proven over the last decade of successful wear, VOGUEPEARL strategically provides proper weight distribution so even your hair loss clients can wear hair additions without compromising the integrity of their fragile hair + follicles.

It is our decade-long experience which shows us that our hair replacement clients are as loyal as family (you know, the loyal ones)! Anyone with hair loss can tell you that if YOU are their cure for their biggest ailment, they'll be loyal to you forever. 💖

How many other stylists in your area are offering these life changing services?  If you either can't think of anyone, or can count on one hand, you will definitely benefit from providing such a niche, unique service in your area!

Not to mention how you'll be changing peoples lives!

Beige Minimalist Photo Collages (8 × 14 in) (8 × 10 in) (8 × 9_edited.png


Each client is unique with their hair loss type, lifestyle, preferences & comfort levels. That's why we will teach you how one closure can be used to create full-time wear installations, clip-in closures for a more part-time vibe, and even custom wig creations - all from the clients same investment! Chyea, seriously!


Closure Root Melting 101

Custom Clip-In Closures 101

Hair Replacement Business 101

Includes: pricing guides, payment structure, payment plans, PDF HairBible/maintenance guides, marketing material and hacks to growing a successful hair replacement sector in your salon)


Bonus content!




✔️Intro to the VOGUEPEARL Hair Loss Replacement installation, including: benefits, who the technique is designed for, when to use VP as a full-time solution compared to other services/offerings including clip-on closures or conventional hair extensions.


1. Consultation / Order Procedure (Step-by-step success to booking every client, virtual consultation tips, colour matching, density matching, pricing, deposits, creating an order form, head measurements, contracts)

2. Hair Preparation Procedure (Presentation, placement, customizing the base)

3.Installation Procedure (Step by step installation guide, weight distribution care, tips & tricks)

4. Maintenance Procedure (Training your clients for success, Hairbible™️ maintenance requirements for VP, monthly tightening procedure, red flags and how to manage them, upselling to maximize profits)

5. Removal Procedure



✔️Visual VS technical & blending hacks

✔️Re-installation time!

✔️Hairbible maintenance requirements for VP 



✔️ Root Melting 101

✔️Custom Clipin Creation 101

✔️Extension Business 101


  • Customizable Care Guide (maintenance guide) for your clients

  • Iron clad salon contracts for hair addition services

  • Consultation cards (client take home)

  • Order forms (used in salon to track orders)

  • Marketing Material for socials & web


What's Included with my training? 


In addition to the online course access, upon completion of course payment you will receive an all inclusive training kit with the following inclusions:

  • Extensionist Professional all-in-one styling case

  • Black alligator clips x 4

  • Black fine-hair clips x4

  • Black metal adjustable bead feeder x 2

  • Rat Tail Comb x 1

  • Weft Cutting Shears x1

  • Silicone-lined Micro Bead Jar, filled x2

  • Velcro fine-hair setter x4

  • 6x6 Training top closure/ hair piece

*Please note we do not supply mannequin heads as part of our program. As trained professionals we assume you have access to mannequin heads, and human heads, for practise purposes. Additionally, we require grading to be completed on a human head for best training & grading results.

Your purchase of the VOGUEPEARL Hair Replacement Program also includes our personally curated, corporate lawyer approved SALON BUSINESS BUNDLE, which is fully customizable in Canva, and contains:

  • 13 page After Care Maintenance Guide (Hair Replacement) for your clients, fully customizable in Canva

  • Company packages inclusions guide & pricing outline for consultations, helps to provide a visual aid of your packages or services inclusions as well as pricing visual aids

  • Iron clad, corporate lawyer approved salon contracts for hair addition services, including bleaching service waivers, photo & video consent forms, hair replacement service contracts, and a thorough Terms & Conditions agreement

  • Consultation Cards (client take home, summarizes length, density, colour match, appointment date, quote & salon notes)

  • Hair replacement order forms (used in salon to track salon hair orders)

  • 35 fully customizable Instagram posts in light and dark aesthetic, with trending 2024 captions, pertaining to hair extension services

  • 7 fully customizable and animated email newsletter templates to create a stunning presentation of your business to your email subscribers

  • 5 customizable email signatures